Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Radio Go Case - August 2017

Over the years, while involved in the radio scanning / amateur radio / ultralight DXing hobbies, I have used a number of different bags and cases for carrying my radios and associated bits and pieces. Some of these bags and cases have worked very well, others have not for various reasons.

I have again returned to my love of portable operation, this has meant finding a suitable carry case or bag for my radios to undertaken these activities in parks and other locations.
Based on my experience in the past, I decided to move away from a soft bag like I have used recently and started looking around for a hard case. This needed to be big enough to hold my Uniden UBCD436PT, aerials, chargers, USB cable and ear phones. The "lunch box" case I have been used has served me well but I wanted something stronger and with better protection.

Jaycar sell a number of ABS cases, based on the size I needed I decided on this model "ABS Instrument Case with Purge Valve MPV1". I was lucky enough to get this on special for $31.95, saving $8 off the RRP. The foam that comes with them is not great so I removed this and instead installed a divider which is wrapped in bubble warp, providing a good level of protection to my UBCD436PT. I also installed some bubble wrap in the base and used double sided tape to secure the top lid foam.

The below photos show my final setup, this works well, provides great protection to my UBCD436PT and is still small enough to travel with me in my back pack.

Friday, 11 August 2017

UBCD436PT Key Press Codes

CHAN MOD + 1 = LCD / Keypress test
CHAN MOD + 2 = LCD Contrast Adjustment
CHAN MOD + 4 = Tone Out Test
CHAN MOD + 9 = Clock Reset
SYSTEM + 1 = Close Call Test (Knob controls band)
SYSTEM + 2 = USB Serial Test
SYSTEM + 4 = Load Test Data 144MHz
SYSTEM + 5 = LCD Brightness
SYSTEM + 6 = Load Test Data 163MHz
SYSTEM + 7 = Trunking Test
SYSTEM + 9 = Load Scan Test Data

Monday, 7 August 2017

Radio Desk - August 2017

I have recently set up my radios in the house after having them mostly in storage for the past few months. I have a desk beside the bed which has enough desk space for me to have them setup and enough shelf space to store my other bits and pieces.

Radios: Left to Right.
Uniden 2W UHF CB, Uniden UBC72XLT, Uniden UBCD436PT, Realistic Pro 2021

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Upper Burnie Lookout

Braddons Lookout

Today I was down the North West for work. On the way I stopped at Braddons Lookout to see how many EDACS control channels I could hear. Below is the list, this would have to be close to the most you could hear from any location.

865.1125 = Transend Site COMPANION HILL TAS 7321
865.1625 = Wynyard Transport Site TABLE CAPE TAS 7325
865.1875 = Ericsson Site GARDNERS RIDGE TAS 7304
865.2125 = Radio Terminal KELLYS LOOKOUT TAS 7303
865.2375 = Hydro Electric Commission Site KELCEY TIER TAS 7310
865.2875 = Air Services Australia Tower MT BARROW TAS 7259
865.4625 = Vodafone Site Off White Hills Road SULLOCKS HILL TAS 7316
865.4875 = Telstra/Ericsson Site MONTUMANA TAS 7321
865.5125 = Council Community Site ROUND HILL TAS 7320
865.7625 = HECT Site MT CLAUDE TAS 7306
865.8375 = Weather Radar Site WEST TAKONE TAS 7325