Friday, 19 May 2017

UBCD436PT - Using the recorder for confirming frequency usage

In my local area we have a few frequencies which are owned and operated by a two way rental company that then shared these frequencies between multiple users, using different CTCSS tones. This makes confirming who is using the frequency harder then simply being able to look up the user on the ACMA database.

Since purchasing the UBCD436PT, I have found that the recorder feature is excellent for this sort of thing, it not only records the audio but also the frequency, CTCSS tones and other information. Below is a photo and a short video of this in use, I have created a new system on the UBCD436PT and then added the frequencies in question in to this.


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

UBCD436PT - First Thoughts

Recently I was lucky enough to purchase a Uniden UBCD436PT. Below is a link to the Uniden webpage about it:

It has been many years since I have owned a trunk tracking scanner so it has been a big learning curve to get back in to using a high end scanner like this.

I am planning on documenting my progress with this, what I like / don't like and any issues I come across as a reference source for anybody who has one of these or is thinking of getting one.

My focus to this point has been on getting it programmed how I want, working out some of the advanced features and getting my head around the "Sentinel" programming software.

After two weeks of use, these are my first thoughts:
- It works very well for trunk tracking, it can "hear" very well in the 800MHz band and will decode EDACS control channels at very low signal levels. I mostly listen to the West Launceston and Mt Barrow sites which both cover where I live well.
- The VHF / UHF performance is not great, my UBC126AT out preforms it for general VHF / UHF scanning. I have tested this on it's own standard aerial (which is junk and useless), an after market VHF/ UHF whip and also a couple of different external aerials. In all cases it falls short of what my UBC126AT can receive.
- It has so many features and different modes of operation. I have become a big of discovery mode (as can be seen below) which I often leaving it running in for periods of times while I am at work or busy, coming back later to review the results.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Multiple Use Radio Case

With a new scanner having recently joined my radio setup, which I had been hoping to do for a while I have taken some elements and ideas for some of my previous radio cases and used these to cover my two basic needs:
- My daily carry needs. (Orange case)
- My "event" / portable scanning session setup. (Black case)

I had to cut off the top and bottom tabs on the orange case to make it fit (I had not thought to do this before). The end result is that the smaller orange case which has my daily carry kit now fits in the larger black case which has two other scanners, battery charger and other bits and pieces.