Monday, 20 March 2017

ALTUS Traffic Launceston

The last two Sundays while out driving I have seen that Zinfra have been upgrading the power lines on the main road near our house, both times I didn't have my scanners with me to find out what frequencies they were using for these works and traffic control.

Yesterday we were heading out for the morning so I made sure I had a scanner with me. Sure enough as we drove down the road I could see these works well underway. Switching on close call I logged ALTUS using UHF CB channel 13 (476.725MHz) for traffic control.

Update: 27/03/2017.
While out driving yesterday we had to stop at some road works, ALTUS were managing the traffic for this. Using Close Call I was able to confirm they were using 476.825MHz- UHF CB CHANNEL 17.

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